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The Friends

While the day to day running costs are the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council, there are frequent extraordinary and particular needs for which money is required.

The aim of The Friends, founded in 1990, is to provide support for the maintenance, enrichment and beautification of the fabric.
For example in 2005 the Nave roof, figures and angels were repaired and restored to their former glory with funding for The Friends. However there are major works to be done in other parts of the church. More recent work has included the overhaul and restoration of the fine organ, the construction of a new narthex with improved hospitality facilities at the west end of the church, and the complete replacement of our sound system.

Future work will include a substantial upgrade to the lighting system, especially in the Quire. In particular, significant work is needed on the pinnacles above the roof on the south side of the church and over the porches.

Membership of the Friends is open to all. The Friends aim to provide a link between people who have an affection for St Paul's, whether current or former members of the congregation, local people who are interested, or visitors from further afield.

To find out more about the Friends of St Paul's or how to become involved, please email

Keeping in Touch

The Friends promote concerts and other events, and there is an annual meeting to which all members are invited.

The wider the membership, the more truly The Friends can fulfil their aims.