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Lord of all?

Dear Friends,

Few of us, reading the eyewitness accounts of that first Easter morning will fail to notice that the women who went to the tomb were faced with something wonderful yet mysterious. Easter is both very ordinary, earthed in the raw human emotion of grief, and yet also perplexing and utterly beyond our comprehension. But their grief and perplexity soon gave way to joy which made Jesus' earliest disciples totally unstoppable. For they knew beyond all doubt that the man Jesus whom they had seen tortured and executed, was indeed their Saviour and their Risen Lord.

It has always been tempting for people since to relegate the accounts of Easter to the realm of fairy story, or even allegory. Easter is neither. It is true. And the fact that it is true, that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on that first Easter morning and is risen today, has enormous and far-reaching implications for every human being and the whole creation itself, beginning with those of us who claim to follow Jesus.

To take just two: first, if Jesus Christ is risen, he has broken the power of death and he is truly Lord of all. The second implication flows from the first: If Jesus is Lord of all then our only option is to fall and own him as our King. That is the message of Ascension Day which falls later 9 May this year.

So perhaps we, this April, and particularly as we approach our Annual Parochial Church Meeting, might usefully reflect on how we might make Jesus Christ Lord of the whole of our lives. Do I believe that my life is mine to do exactly what I want with it, or does it belong to Christ? Do I regard the church as 'mine' to be run in the way that suits me, or do I recognise that the Church, belongs to Christ, for him to do exactly what he wishes with it?

A very happy Easter to you all,

With love and prayers,

Fr Kevin.