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Healing Services

A Service of Laying-on of-hands within the Eucharist takes place on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm

The Christian healing ministry has always been at the heart of the Gospel. Jesus himself preached the Good News of the Kingdom of God not only in word but in power: through healing the sick and in signs and miracles. The Gospels show us Jesus restoring the blind, dumb, lame and sick to health, delivering people from evil, restoring them to wholeness and reconciling them with their neighbours, usually through the laying on of hands with prayer.

In the Acts of the Apostles we read of how Jesus' first disciples continued this ministry in their preaching of the Good News. In the letter of James we read that if anyone is sick, the elders of the church are to anoint and lay on hands with prayer, that they be restored to health. This ministry of God's love and compassion has continued throughout the history of the church, and although at times misunderstood and neglected, has enjoyed a revival in recent decades.

Usually on the fourth Tuesday of each month there is the opportunity to receive the laying on of hands with prayer which takes place within the 7:00pm evening Eucharist. In this service we are invited to bring to Jesus our needs and concerns, whether these are matters of health in mind, body or spirit; worries for our families or friends or even our finances. There is nothing that we cannot bring to God in prayer and ask others for their prayers.

We may also receive on behalf of others, that is, by proxy. This is a gentle ministry and it should be emphasised that although a brief mention of the area of need is helpful to those praying, nothing need be said and whatever information is shared with those who minister, remains strictly confidential.

Come, with your needs and expect to receive from Jesus a touch of his compassion according to our Heavenly Father's loving will.

The clergy are always very glad to visit those who are sick and housebound, and to pray with and anoint those in need. To arrange a visit, please contact us.