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Those lazy-hazy-crazy days of Summer

Dear Friends,

While travelling on pilgrimage to Holy Island recently, I learned how St Cuthbert, perhaps the greatest of the northern saints, accompanied his Abbot from Melrose to Ripon in order to found a new monastery there.

What is striking is that before they even cut the turf to lay the foundations of the buildings, they spent 40 days in prayer. Men, so attuned with God, knew that such spiritual preparation of the ground, was vital before starting any building project.

It is, I hope, one of our dearest wishes that St Paul’s will grow, both in numbers and in spiritually, in our faithfulness to Christ. But nothing of any worth in the church and in its wider mission will be accomplished without prayer. If prayer has been called ‘the breath of the soul’ then it is also the breath of the church, and therefore the breath of mission, including making new disciples. Making new disciples is not an optional extra for the Christian: it is a command of Jesus himself (Matt 28.16-20).

So we need to pray for those whom we know who do not know Christ, or who may have lapsed, or are seemingly indifferent. Pray that God will open their eyes and hearts, that he may touch them with his love. Such prayer should not be viewed as a grind, but as a joy. Such prayer doesn’t need eloquent words or long phrases. Just pray simply from the heart. When you see them think of them, or speak with them, just offer a silent ‘arrow’ prayer for them up to God. Back to Church Sunday falls on 16th September and is a wonderful opportunity to invite those we know back to church. Please take it. Details will be found later in this magazine.

In the meantime we do all need to rest properly and enjoy those lazy-hazy-crazy days of Summer. But prayer is something we can do anytime, in any place…even in a deck chair on the beach!

My very best wishes for a very restful and prayerful Summer,

Fr Kevin.